About us

The Team

Roy Silver

Early Success

  • Founded Quest recruitment agency in 1974
  • Scaled Quest to 30 branches (including UK and Canada)
  • Embedded a “people before profit” that helped to replicate the ethos

Forefront of Social Entrepreneurship

  • Early adopter of Social Entrepreneurship models
  • Opened a recruiting company for people with disabilities
  • Wrote the handbook on employing people with disabilities

Driver of Social Innovation

  • National Coordinator of the African Social Entrepreneurship Network
  • Connected local leaders in the social entrepreneurship movement via:
  • Networking
  • Education
  • Held the first Social Franchising workshop in South Africa

Bev Meldrum

Social Enterprise Specialist

  • Masters in Social Enterprise: Development and Management
  • Lectured in UK universities on social enterprise

Social Entrepreneur

  • Setup two social enterprises, 2amase and The Tool Factory, in the UK
  • Opened a photography company specialising in social innovation

Supporting Social Innovation

  • Operations Manager for African Social Entrepreneurs Network
  • Established Social Enterprise Academy in Africa

About Evolve Social Enterprise

About Evolve Social Enterprise

Evolve Social Enterprise is committed to helping our clients enhance their social impact.

We achieve this by collaborating with non profit organizations, social enterprises and corporates to analyze their successes and challenges in their quest for a positive impact.

Our team has many years experience in social enterprise and social replication, as well as extensive knowledge of best practice in human resources with a special focus on open labour market placements of people with disabilities.

The power of mentorship fascinates us and our journey has included research and development of high impact mentor-mentee and peer-to-peer models. We are committed to radically shifting the 80% unemployment rate of people with disabilities to an 80% employment rate within 5 years

Our geographic focus is the Western Cape whilst developing partnerships across South Africa and internationally.

We believe that everyone has an innate desire to succeed-and then to move from success to significance. Based on this philosophy Evolve will play an active part in growing the sustainable social and impact entrepreneurs of the future.



Evolve will enhance the social impact of social purpose organisations by discovering and sharing what works in the practice of social replication and assist organisations in their own replication process. Evolve will work to expand the essence of the organisation’s programming, general practices, recruitment methodology, etc.



Evolve achieves this by consulting to meet the specific needs of an organisation and not using a standardised approach. Evolve also aims to develop a product that can meaningfully impact the organisations it aims to serve on a much larger scale.

A client of Evolve is inducted into a family of local and international organisations focused on the best practice of social replication. Evolve will use applicable forms of mentorship as a means of strengthening the client’s social replication model.

The basic essence of Evolve’s interventions include:

• Assessment
• Diagnosis
• Tailored Solutions